trickle up echb'eenink

How we used modern technologies to create true and meaningful impact



mobile app, interactive animations


mobile / content development

Content Management

They needed a CMS, to be able to edit most part of the content from an administrative panel.

App distribution

The application should be distributed privately to people in Guatemala, Mexico, and other regions of Latin America.

Offline Content

The application had to work offline, since their programs focus mainly on regions with a low access to stable internet connections.

Work In Progress

The content and storyboards for each lesson were under production.

We used Prismic’s Slices system to be the base of our block system. Since it allowed us to create a modifiable interface, that could grow over time but also gave us enough structure to make it expand in a manageable way.

Prismic also helped us to bring another great feature to the table, now any piece of content could be translated into any language, and for a region with more than 20 native languages it was a critical advantage for the organization.