We are

We are creators, we create virtual experiences, we design solutions that transform ideas into simple and awesome products.

We want to force ourselves to go always a step further and help bridging the gap between people and technology. We are artists who take invisible material in an itangible world and transform it into tangible solutions that transcend into the daily life of people.
We design for them, the busy businessmen, the housewives, students, the dreamers; people who work every day, step by step to get where they want to go.
We are developers, we impulse those around us to go a little step further every time. We believe that as simple and as beautiful a solution can be, the more useful it will be for those who use it, and the more they will love to use it.
We are curious, we are looking for new answers to questions that ourselves do. We research and learn from those who we trust.

We are Pixela,